Can I share a tent with my friends?

Of course! Tents will be sold with an individual number. Each unique number will correspond with a tent in a specific campsite (A = Up Til Dawn, B = Ridge, C = Quiet). If you and your friends want to stay in the same tent, make sure you buy tickets in a tent with the same number (for example, if you purchase a bed in tent #A005, your friends should purchase spots in tent #A005). If you have a group that'll be taking multiple tents and you want to be next to one another, you will need to buy tickets in consecutive tents (e.g. tents #A005, #A006, and #A007).

I want to book a spot in a tent with my friend but it’s sold out. What can I do?

Contact and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing a tent with someone of the opposite sex or really anyone at all.

We recommend booking a spot in a tent that has been designed for same-sex (e.g. female-only, male-only). You can also bring your own tent if you prefer to be alone.

I’m coming by myself but want to meet other people! What accommodation do you recommend?

Check out the tents designed for solo travelers. These will be located in the Ridge campsite. You’ll have an airbed in a tent with fellow solo travelers so you automatically have a buddy at camp!

So if my tent is already set up for me, what do I need to bring to camp?

Here is a helpful packing list! If you purchased a ticket in a pre-pitched tent, you’ll be provided with an airbed but you have to bring a sleeping bag or bedding and a pillow. 

Do the tents include any bedding, furnishings, or lights?

You can find these details under each accommodation type in the Accommodations section on the Camping page.

What if my airbed deflates?

We know… it’s happened to all of us. You wake up in the middle of the night on the ground and desperately want to go back to sleep on a pillow of air. There will be pump stations located around the campsites for your convenience. Please bring your airbed to one of these stations and our camping stewards can assist you.

I’m bringing my own tent. Can I set up my tent anywhere?

No, there is a designated area for those who decide to bring their own tents. If you set up tents outside of this area, you will be asked to move your tents to the designated areas. There is absolutely no camping allowed outside of this area or in fire lanes or walkways.

What if I forgot something for my tent?

Set up and check your tent before you leave home – make sure you have all the poles, guy ropes etc. and you know how to pitch it. Nothing is worse than arriving in the rain/dark and finding you’re missing a flysheet.

Can I sleep in my car?

There will be no sleeping or camping allowed in the car park. RVs will not be permitted even with a parking pass.

Can we park our car next to our tent?

Unfortunately not, as we need all of the room for your fellow camp goers. You will need to park your car in the designated car park and there will be a shuttle bus to take you to the main entrance. After checking in and entering camp, you will be directed to the BYOT area.

Can I cook near my tent?

Absolutely no cooking or personal campfires are allowed in or near tents for safety reasons. Please refer to the prohibited items.

Is there power in the tents or BYOT area?

There are no outlets provided in the tents or BYOT area. Check the site closer to the event for information on charging and power stations.

What about showers and bathrooms?

All campsites have toilets, showers and hand-washing facilities. Please refer to the map when you arrive onsite.

Can I smoke in the tents?

There is a no smoking policy in all structures and tents. If you need to smoke, please be respectful of your fellow campers, tent-mates, and neighbors in tent sites and throughout camp.

Is it okay to sleep on the open ground? 

The estate is an area of outstanding natural beauty and has a vast about of wildlife including deer. We recommend that you avoid sleeping on the open ground and suggest the use of a ground sheet inside your tent as a general camping safeguard against potential insect bites.