Can I use my cell phone at camp?

The phone signal at camp can sometimes be disrupted so we recommend just unplugging for the weekend.

Can I bring my pet(s) to Summer Camp?

No animals are allowed at Summer Camp, no matter how small or cute they are.

Do I need cash?

We do not recommend bringing or carrying large amounts of cash. Your ticket is all-inclusive so there will be little need for money. There may be the occasional item you wish to buy, bits and bobs from the corner store or a WeWork sweater perhaps? So you may want to bring a little, but store it in the lockers provided when not immediately purchasing something. Please note there will be no cash machines onsite. 

Can I apply to become a vendor at the event?

Please email summercamp@wework.com with your request and we will get back to you. 

Can I be a volunteer at Summer Camp?

At this time, we're all set with volunteer staffing but contact us next year for more opportunities. We hope to see you at camp in August!

Who can I contact for more information or specific questions?

Please email summercamp@wework.com with your questions.


Arriving by coach:

If you are taking the coach transportation provided, the bus will drop you off at the main entrance. As you get off the coach, you will be directed by staff to walk towards the main entrance. From there, you will need to show your ID and Summer Camp ticket to exchange it for your wristband. Your wristband will grant you access to the event and you will need to wear it throughout the weekend.

Arriving by car:

If you are driving to camp and have purchased a parking pass, you will need to following the signs for the car park. Directions are provided to guests with parking passes the week of the event. You will need to print and show your parking pass to gain entrance to the car park. Place your parking pass in your windshield for the duration of the event. After you park, there is a shuttle to take you to the main entrance. From there, you will need to show your ID and Summer Camp ticket to exchange it for your wristband. Your wristband will grant you access to the event and you will need to wear it throughout the weekend.

Once I’m at camp, what do I do?

Once you arrive at camp, head to your tent and drop off your bags. If you forget where you’re staying, check your ticket which will have your tent number on it, or see the camping stewards located within the campsite.

Can I enter and exit the event site throughout the weekend?

There will be no re-entry allowed to any guests throughout the weekend, as we strongly encourage all guests to stay onsite. We will be providing everything you’d need for a wonderful weekend away, including all food and drinks, accommodations, toilets and showers. You can always check in at the HQ Tent if you need something and the staff there will be able to assist further.

Can I use the shuttle to the train station to go into town during camp?

No, the shuttle is only available from the Tunbridge Wells Train Station to Eridge Park on Friday and back to the train station on Sunday. No other stops will be made. You must have a ticket to board the shuttle based on your transportation selection when you purchase your Summer Camp ticket.


Are one-day tickets available?

No, tickets are sold as a weekend package only.

Will tickets be sold at camp?

No. You must purchase a ticket prior to boarding the coach to camp. Tickets will NOT be available at camp. Tickets will sell out so purchase early!

What is included with my ticket?

Your ticket is all-inclusive with everything you need to have fun at camp! Food, drinks, accommodations in the boutique camping area or bring your own tent area, round-trip coach transportation, access to all activities, workshops, games, and music.

Are flights included in the ticket?

The ticket includes roundtrip coach (aka buses for those living outside the U.K.) transportation from Central London to Summer Camp. Flights are not included. For more details on how to sign up for coach transportation, see the travel section on the Info page

Will there be a payment plan?

If you would like to inquire about setting up a payment plan, please email summercamp@wework.com.

Where can I buy my ticket?

Tickets are on sale! WeWork is the only official ticket vendor. Attendees should not buy tickets from any other websites as they will be counterfeit.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

All sales are final. No partial or full refunds or exchanges will be issued, and tickets are non-transferrable. If you receive a ticket from someone, make sure it is a reputable and reliable source. Each ticket must have the attendee’s name on it and duplicate tickets will NOT be honored.

Is my ticket transferrable?

No, tickets are non-transferrable. Occasionally you may find yourself with a spare ticket, if this is the case and you wish to give it to a friend, please email summercamp@wework.com on how to proceed.

What if the name on the ticket doesn’t match the attendee’s name? Is that okay?

No. The name on the ticket must match the name of the attendee on the ID. In order to gain access to the event, you must have a valid ticket with your name on it. Please email summercamp@wework.com if you have any issues with your ticket.

Will the event be canceled if it rains?

Summer Camp is rain or shine so pack accordingly! Check the weather and our helpful packing list before heading to camp. Please ensure you bring appropriate footwear and clothing to cater for the possibility of wet, muddy, and slippery conditions.

When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be emailed out to all guests before Wednesday, August 16. Make sure you enter a valid email address when purchasing your ticket.

What should I do if my tickets haven’t arrived?

All tickets will be emailed to guests closer to the event. If you do not receive your ticket via email from Summer Camp before Wednesday, August 16, please email summercamp@wework.com and we will assist you. You must have your ticket (physical or mobile) to gain access to the event so it is important to figure this out before arriving.


I have a special diet. Will there be options?

Yes, we have vegan, vegetarian, kosher, and gluten-free options for all meals. We will do our best to accommodate you but please be aware that when we are in the middle of Camp, we cannot operate usual dietary procedures.

What if I have a severe allergy?

If you have very severe allergies or have strict dietary needs, we recommend bringing in your own meals as all food is produced in one kitchen for the whole event. Please contact summercamp@wework.com if you have additional concerns or questions, we will be happy to assist you further. 

Do I need money at camp for food/drinks?

No, your ticket for the weekend includes everything: food, open bar, entertainment, workshops, transportation, etc.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

With your all-inclusive ticket, you'll have access to the bar throughout the weekend. If you really want to bring in additional drinks, an allowance per person policy is in place, whereby any one guest will only be allowed to enter with 8x 300ml cans of beer, lager, or cider OR 6x 300ml cans of beer, lager, or cider and 1x 75cl bottle of wine. All drinks in glass must be decanted—glass is not allowed onsite. Any alcohol not decanted or above the threshold must be returned to the individual’s vehicle or discarded.


What if there is an emergency?

24-hour medical, security, and emergency care is provided. In addition to the camp nurse, there will be certified medical staff onsite.

What if there is an emergency at home, how can someone reach me?

Please have your family members contact you directly at first. If they cannot get ahold of you, the camp emergency office number is 01892-884120. Please note this number should be only be used for true emergencies, as your pet hamster passing away is not one of those.

I see there are lakes onsite. Can I swim anywhere?

Swimming is only allowed in the designated areas in the lake when lifeguards are present. Please take note that wild swimming is a wonderful experience at camp but should be handled safely. The lake is in its natural state and the water is untreated. Cover up any cuts and wounds and shower after you swim.

Is there disabled access?

WeWork Summer Camp is committed to making the festival site as accessible as possible. However, given the rural setting of the event, there are challenges for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues. There can be large areas with no solid pathways or hard ground. The site will be equipped with accessible bathrooms and showers and there will be dedicated disabled parking. Please email summercamp@wework.com and we will connect with you personally to answer any questions.