The Basics

The Dates

Friday, 17 August – Sunday, 19 August, 2018

The Location


England’s oldest enclosed deer park, Eridge Park is 3,000 acres of ancient woodlands, lakes, and beautiful rolling hills. It’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle of city life and sleep under the stars.

Address: Sham Farm Road, Eridge, TN3 9JA

Gate Times

Gates will be open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and there is no entry outside these times. Summer Camp officially begins on Friday, 17 August at 9:00 a.m. and ends on Sunday, 19 August at 12:00 p.m.—we ask that all Campers leave the campsite by this time.

Age Restriction

Summer Camp is strictly 21+ and IDs will be checked at the gate. Entry will be refused to those whose names do not match their ticket or are under 21. These forms of current ID will be accepted:

  • Passport

  • PASS card

  • NUS card

  • Citizen card

  • Validate UK

  • Current Driver’s license

Permitted and
Prohibited Items

Packing List

Nearly everything you need will be provided at Summer Camp, but we’ve created a Packing List to help guide you when you plan.


If you forget something at home, don’t worry! There will be a General Store onsite for you to purchase various items such as basic toiletries, extra clothing and accessories, and snacks.

Prohibited Items

Please leave the following at home: professional cameras and recording devices, pets unless they are assistance dogs (with written approval from organizers), fireworks, laser pens, laser equipment, flares, pyrotechnics, blowtorches, sky lanterns, gas canisters, propane or butane cylinders, nitrous oxide, disposable barbecues, stoves, petrol burner, illegal substances, pen knives, large stereo systems, glass containers, and any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon.

Tickets Include

All Weekend

All tickets are sold as an all-inclusive weekend package from Friday morning through to Sunday afternoon. We have fully programmed days on Friday and Saturday, with all our stages, venues and activities open to all. Sunday morning will see a more relaxed programme focused on rejuvenation down by our lake to set you right for Monday. Single-day tickets are not available. You must purchase a ticket prior to your arrival at camp. Tickets will not be sold at camp, and tickets will sell out—so be sure to buy early.

Access Ticket

Access Tickets include entry to Camp, access to the campsites with luxury showers and toilets, shuttle service from the local train station, meals and snacks each day served from our food courts (Friday lunch through to Sunday breakfast), drinks from all our bars, all our daytime programming (no additional fees!), chart-topping headliner entertainment, and night time parties!

Customer Account

When you finalise the purchase process, a Summer Camp Customer Account will automatically be created for you to manage your booking. This will allow you to log back in at any time, and make changes to your booking such as adding your travel requirements and/or other packages.

Food and Drinks


We’re changing things up from previous years and will be offering meal and snack food stalls available at any time of day. We’ll have access to healthy and delicious meal and snack options to fit any diet including vegan, vegetarian, kosher, and gluten-free. Craving a protein-enriched snack after your football game? Our friendly food service attendents will take your order, scan your RFID wristband, and off you go to power through the rest of the day.


You’ll will have access to an open bar all weekend. With your RFID wristband, uploaded credits enable you to get drinks from the bar. Enjoy a coffee as you wake up and take in a beautiful morning in the countryside. Grab a pint of ale while watching your mates play cricket. Do you fancy a G&T while lounging on hay bales and listening to a folk band? You got it.

Bring your reusable, refillable water bottles and help us reduce waste! Check the information maps when you arrive for station locations throughout the event site.


What You’ll Need
to Get In

Ticket—printed copy recommended

Photo ID

Search Policy

We take the security and safety of all our guests at Summer Camp very seriously, and as such, there will be searches carried out at our entrance gate. Alongside the past troubles in the UK and Europe, we want to ensure we’re doing all we can to make your visit to Summer Camp as safe as possible. Please bear with us on your arrival and cooperate with our security team—we will do our best to make this process as hassle-free and speedy as we can so everyone can get on with enjoying what the weekend has in store.

Exit and Re-Entry

There will be no re-entry allowed throughout the weekend outside of open gate times, and we strongly encourage all guests to stay onsite. We will be providing everything you’d need for a wonderful weekend away, including all food and drinks, loos and showers. You will need to scan your wristband out when exiting and provide photo ID and scan back in upon your re-entry.

and Scanning


You’ll receive an e-ticket via email closer to the event date. A copy (printed or digital) of this ticket must be presented when you arrive at camp. Upon arrival, you’ll show this ticket at check-in in exchange for a wristband.


If you have an issue with your wristband, there will be Info Tents in multiple points throughout the site (in the Park, the Pavilion, and at the main entrance) and the staff there will be happy to assist you.


The wristband is unique per each individual, and will grant you access to everything you’ll need to eat, drink, and have fun at camp. Make sure you wear it at all times! You’ll need to scan your wristband at all access points, bars and food stalls, so make sure you leave it on and keep it safe.


Getting Here

You will have the option to buy coach transport from Central London to Eridge Park. We strongly encourage all Campers to use the transportation services provided. For those who must drive, limited car parking passes will be available for an additional fee. All transportation times are scheduled so guests arrive as early as possible on Friday to make the most of the weekend!


Coaches from central London will run only on Friday, 17 August, and will return to central London only on Sunday, 19 August.

Approximate travel time by coach from London: 2 hours.

  • In order to reserve your spot on a coach, you must purchase your coach travel when purchasing your Summer Camp ticket.

  • Please remember you will not be able to board the bus without a valid ticket. We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your boarding time.

  • If you need to make changes to your booking, you can do so by contacting

  • Your e-ticket for camp will be emailed closer to the event date and this ticket will show your travel options purchased. You’ll need to show this ticket to board and save your ticket to show it on Sunday.

Pick-up and Drop-off Address:

The O2 Arena, Coach Park, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

Since Waterloo Station will be closed and Victoria Station is under heavy construction, we have chosen the O2 Arena as the best option for coaches. We’ll let guests know if we open up another pick up/drop off location.

Departure Times from Central London on Friday, 17 August:

O2 Arena: 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., every 15 minutes and 7:00 p.m.

Departure times from Eridge Park on Sunday, 19 August:

O2 Arena: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., every 15 minutes.


  • Coach from London to Eridge Park on Friday
  • £15
  • Coach from Eridge Park to London on Sunday
  • £15

Driving and

We encourage all guests to use the coach services provided from London or take the train to Tunbridge Wells. For those who must drive, limited car parking is available for an additional fee.

Approximate driving time from London: 1.5-2 hours.

  • Parking passes must be purchased in advance online. To buy, you must select this option in “Extras” when purchasing your ticket. You will receive a proof of purchase in your email confirmation after you complete your ticket purchase.
  • Your unique parking pass will be emailed to you closer to the event date. Your unique parking pass must be printed and displayed on your car’s dashboard upon arrival and throughout the event.
  • Please note, the car park will be closed from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. each night for new arrivals. There will be no camping or sleeping allowed in the cars and the car park.

Pick-up and Drop-off Address:

Sham Farm Road, Eridge, TN3 9JA. Follow navigation directions to the post code location, then look for Summer Camp signage to Gate 1.


  • Parking Pass
  • £40

Trains and Shuttles

We understand it might be more convenient for some Campers to travel by train. Shuttles will be available free of charge from the Tunbridge Wells Train Station to Eridge Park on Friday 17 August and back to the train station on Sunday 19 August.

Approximate travel time by train from London: 50 minutes plus an additional 20-minute shuttle ride.

  • In order to reserve your spot on a shuttle, you must select this travel option when purchasing your ticket.
  • If you need to make changes to your booking, you can do so by contacting
  • When you arrive at the Tunbridge Wells train station, look for the Big Green Coach staff who will guide you to the shuttle holding area.

Pick-up and Departure Times to/from Tunbridge Wells train station:

Friday, 17 August: 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., running loops based on train schedules

Sunday, 19 August: 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., running loops based on train schedules


  • Shuttle to/from Tunbridge Wells train station
  • Included

Taxi/Car Service

The postcode for the taxi drop-off and pick up is: Sham Farm Road, Eridge, TN3 9JA. Follow navigation directions to the post code location then look for Summer Camp signage to Gate 1. There are a few local taxi services in Tunbridge Wells, and we also recommend reserving a car in advance with Addison Lee. Below are the local taxi services:

  • Airport Car Services: 01892 573547
  • TW Cabline Taxi Services: 01892 530399
  • Walkers Cars: 01892 522522
  • Call A Car: 01892 256256
  • Kent Cars Taxis: 01892 548440
  • Xpress Taxis: 01892 535535
  • Keller Kars: 01892 541589
  • Tunbridge Wells Taxi Line: 01892 322322


Accommodation Tips and Advice


Bring your own tent option is included in your Access Ticket for no additional cost. BYOT pitch sites are only available under General Camping.

If you are bringing your own tent, select an Access Ticket in General Camping and the Bring Your Own Tent (BYOT) option under Accommodation.

If you are staying in someone’s BYOT tent, select an Access Ticket in General Camping and the “I am staying in someone’s BYOT Tent” option under Accommodation. You will need to enter the booking reference number and full name of the person you are staying with.

If you select BYOT, you can only set up your tent in the designated BYOT area in General Camping. If you set up your tent outside of this area, you will be asked to move your tent. There will be absolutely no BYOT pitches allowed on fire lanes and walkways – these tents will be removed for safety reasons.


Don’t want to set up your own tent but not ready to commit to purchasing a private structure? After selecting an Access Ticket to the campsite of your choice, purchase a bed for yourself in a shared structure. You will be sharing the tent with other guests with the option to choose between a Female Only, Male Only or Mixed Gender tent. The gender you select must match your profile gender.


Want a private space for you and your friends? Private structures are priced per structure – not individual beds. Based on the accommodation type you purchase, you may have the option to select the preferred bed configuration to create a custom tent for your group!

Remember, each individual staying in your private structure will need their own Access Ticket. If you are staying in someone’s tent, select an Access Ticket in the corresponding campsite (i.e. if your friend purchased a tent in Quiet Camping, you need to select the Quiet Camping Access Ticket) and the “I’m staying in someone’s private structure” option under Accommodation. You will also need to enter the booking reference number and full name of the person you are staying with.


If you are purchasing multiple tents, you will need to select the number of guests in each structure and the total number of guests must match the number of access tickets in your cart. For all accommodations that do not come with linens or bedding, you will have the option to add sleeping bags with your accommodation.

Campsite Rules

Absolutely no campfires or cooking are allowed in the campsite or anywhere during the event. We will be providing bonfires in designated areas so you’ll still be able to go back to your tent warmed up and smelling like woodsmoke.

Leave no trace. Take home all of your possessions and camping equipment, including your tent spikes and cigarette butts. Throw out all of your rubbish and leave your camping area spotless. The Summer Camp site isn’t always a camp, so be friendly to the livestock that’ll be moving back in after you leave.

Remember, no smoking is allowed in any structures or tents.

Respect your neighbors! Knock if you plan on entering someone else’s tent and be considerate at night so all Campers get their rest.

All personal amplified music will and must be off during quiet hours from 11:00 p.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Campsite Tips

There’s always safety (and fun) in numbers; if you bring your own tent, set up camp with your friends or get to know your neighbors.

The Pavilion will be near the campsites for your early-morning needs. Pop in here for a coffee and a pastry before your morning swim.

Showers, toilets, and hand-washing facilities will be open and staffed 24-hours a day. Make sure to pack your own toiletries and avoid the early morning shower rush by taking one in the afternoon. Hot water and tranquillity—you’ll feel much better for it.

In the off chance you see someone poking around your tent, take a note of what they look like and report them to event staff or Security rather than challenge them directly. They may just be confused, but we care about your safety first!

Care and Safety


Our security staff will be patrolling the entire Estate. It’s their job to help you stay safe and keep their eyes out for anything suspicious. If you witness a crime or become a victim of any sort, it’s important that you report it immediately so we can act on it as soon as possible. You’re our #1 priority.

Information Tents

There will be one of our Info Tents located in the campsite, near our Pavilion Hub, which will be open 24 hours a day with our friendly Camp staff or security. Do pay us a visit us if you have any questions or require any assistance. The staff there will be able to provide you with helpful answers for most problems and emergencies.

There will also be an Info Tent in the Park. At both places there will be a team to answer your questions and deal with any wristband issues including top-ups.

Lost and Found


We suggest marking any items you would wish to be returned with your name, address, postcode, and telephone number. Also, take note of your IMEI number for your phone and have it on hand.


All lost-and-found items will be kept at our main Info Tent at the Pavillion Hub. Drop in there to report any missing items and to turn in any found items—your fellow Campers will thank you! As soon as you realize that any of your property is missing, inform the security team at one of our Info Tents. Do not wait until you get home.


All unclaimed lost property will be held for 15 days after Summer Camp. Any items still in our possession after this time will be donated to charity. If you would like to submit an inquiry for lost property, email us at

Medical Tent

Medical tents will be located onsite at camp and operate 24 hours a day for anyone who requires medical assistance. If you’re feeling unwell, visit the Medical Tent as soon as you can. The medics are experienced, qualified, and fully equipped to deal with any situation. Please familiarise yourself with the location of the medical tents shortly after you arrive at camp. There will be one in the Park and one in our main Campsite. Look out for your fellow campers and inform an event staff member or security if you notice that someone seems unwell.


WeWork is committed to making the festival site as accessible as possible. The site will be equipped with accessible bathrooms and showers, there will be dedicated accessible parking, which you can reserve in advance. Please email to reserve an accessible parking space, request an accommodation, or make any accessibility or medically related requests.

Amnesty Bins and Drug Policy

Amnesty Bins are provided at the main entrance should you wish to dispose of any illicit or illegal substances. Any Camper using these amnesty bins will not be reprimanded in any way.

Illegal drugs or legal highs are not permitted in any way at Summer Camp. The rules of the land apply at our event too, so please make sure that no drugs of any kind make their way to Camp. Anyone caught in possession or using any such substances will be leaving Camp and may be handed over to the Police.


We do ask all Campers to leave their valuables at home. Only take the items in your wallet that you really need. Leave any unnecessary cards and keys at home.

Don’t bring large amounts of cash. Your ticket is all-inclusive so there will be little need for it. There will be no cash machines onsite.

If you must drive, do not leave any valuables visible in your car. Empty all belongings from your glove compartment and leave it open.

Other Helpful Tips

We’re all in this together. Look after yourself and others!

The phone signal onsite can sometimes be patchy. Pick a meeting point with your friends at the beginning of camp so you can find each other through the weekend.

Hydrate and use sun protection. Just like your mum told you.

High-five a stranger.

Take lots of photos. #WWCAMP

Protect your ears! Wear earplugs if you are planning on getting up close and personal with the speakers.

For your own safety, there is no drinking allowed if you are taking part in any water or extreme activities.

Swimming is open only during daylight hours and when a lifeguard is present.

At night, stick to the well-lit areas of the event. Always keep a flashlight on you and watch where you are walking.

Camp is in an outdoor rural location, and the weather is unpredictable. Please make sure you bring appropriate footwear and clothing.


If you have more questions, check out the FAQs here. If we still haven’t answered all of your questions, please email