Summer Camp is a weekend of music, arts, and creative workshops surrounded by new friends from all over the world—the perfect way to unplug, refresh, and get inspired.

A little break can do you a lot of good.

Now and again, we all need a break from our day-to-day lives. That’s why every summer, we invite people to come together in the great outdoors. From unexpected adventures to invaluable connections, the atmosphere is open, energetic, and inclusive. Summer Camp is a place where we encourage you to venture off grid and reclaim your curiosity. Every experience is different, but one thing that’s constant is the feeling of community—the sense that we’re a part of something greater.

Our humble beginnings.

WeWork Summer Camp first took place at a stunning upstate New York children’s campground. Seven years later, we’re now in the English countryside. Taking inspiration from our years at a summer camp, but reimagining it for the modern world, we’ve created an unparalleled experience for our community. A festival-esque getaway where we all have the chance to get together outside of work, and simply live fully and freely for a few days.

Camp is unforgettable! Rise early to run through the woods or swim in the lake, de-stress in the meditation tent and then get fired up with a debate! Learn new skills in the Craft Village, and then run wild at our late night parties. Come and experience a dynamic, innovative space full of creativity and diversity—one centered around our global community.