Talks & Debates


Talks & Debates

Be inspired at the Colloquium as leaders in their field tell us their stories or learn new cerebral skills at how to; Academy. AS night falls we open up the stage to for open mic storytelling, fireside chats and acclaimed comedy!

Join us in conversation with leaders in their fields as we discuss some challenging and inspiring topics from the future of food the masculinity in the modern age.


  • Will Young – Homo Sapiens
  • Ben Goldacre – Bad Science
  • Sustainability – Morgaine Gay
  • Tim Ferriss – Most Innovative Business People
  • Elizabeth Allen – Michelin Star

how to: Academy:

  • Edie Lush: How to speak in public
  • Gavin Presman: How to influence with integrity
  • William Hanson: A masterclass in etiquette and manners
  • Alex Beard: Future of education

Other Talks & Debates:

  • Storytelling with Embers Collectives
  • Chatterbox Language Corner
  • Chatterbox Fireside Chat
  • Zero Waste Life
  • Nightly Comedy from Hysterical Women